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We Are Here To Help!

Consultations are a convenient option. They allow us to meet you in the comfort of your own home either virtually, by phone or in person at our boutique (176 Yonge Street in Toronto).


We highly recommend you book a virtual or phone Consultation for your initial visit with your Fit Specialist. In your Virtual Consultation you can invite a friend or family member to accompany you either with you in person or also virtually, if you have a support person living with you or away they can be with you for this first visit.

We are here to help

After Breast surgery you are sure to have questions about what your next steps are. To help you move through this journey Solace offers free virtual consultation. We encourage you to contact us before your procedure to learn what post surgery comfort options are here to help you. It’s an overwhelming time and we can support you with providing answers about what expect and how you can get back to daily routine and continue to look your best.

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